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  • Is there a way to monitor customer subscription services?

    Hi, New-ish user here. We have customers that do a subscription program. Monthly, yearly and bi-annually...

  • usps shipping stampscom

    Hi, Currently we use stamps.com to create and pay for a shipping label. We use USPS media mail and 3 day...

  • How do I make my customer name show? Keeps showing contact person.

    I notice on my sales reports that it shows the "Persons" name and not the company name. I want everything...

  • Problems making product INACTIVE

    Hi, I am having a problem making several old (non used) products inactive. When I select inactive, they...

  • Can Sales Receipt auto add an extra pdf?

    Hi, When a customer purchases from us, we include: 1. Brief Instructions - I think I can just add this to...

  • Sales Receipt or Invoice?

    Hi. New user here. We sell DVDs and Subscriptions. 1. DVDs- They are paid at time of order on website with...

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