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  • How do I print a previously efiled 941?

    For some reason the IRS didn't have record of my 1st and 2nd quarter 2018 941 payments.  They sent me a...

  • How can I edit my payroll?

    Let me explain the situation.  I normally run my direct deposit payroll on Mondays, but I was away a few...

  • Which account do I debit when I pay payroll taxes quarterly?

    This is mostly for my understanding. My QBO has (4) payroll liability accounts set up.  These (4) accounts...

  • Can I use the 2018 version of 1099-misc to file a 1099 for the 2017 tax year?

    I'd like to fill out the two 1099's I have to submit for the 2017 tax year and get them in the mail. ...

  • How to convert vendor to employee

    I used to use QBmac which did not have manual payroll processing.  So, what I did, was set my employee up...

  • Need to make sure I'm handling Owner Equity and Owner Draw correctly

    I understand the basic differences between these two accounts, and as a sole owner LLC, I have both an...

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