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  • Exporting to Excel Issues

    I am exporting reports to Excel.  Whenever I create a new workbook, it exports just fine.  However, after I...

  • Required Fields

    I have a couple custom fields that I want required on a Purchase Order, but not required on a Sales Order. ...

  • Unable to Open Reports

    I have made several custom reports and went back into them at a later time and they do not open.  This...

  • How do I void a Purchase Order?

    I want to be able to void a purchase order if the order is cancelled.  I do not want to delete the PO...

  • I want to hide the "parent" item when I select a subitem

    When creating things such as purchase or sales orders, our most commonly used item is a subitem.  Is there...

  • Sales Order Report separate tax rows

    I have created a report to show sales orders created.  However, it is showing two rows per sales order, a...

  • Customizing columns displayed in "Find" function

    When using the "Find" function in Purchase Orders, am I able to edit which columns are displayed for the...

  • Requiring Fields in Purchase Order

    How do I make a field be required to complete a purchase order?  They are not custom fields.  For example: ...

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