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  • Avoid needing to use multiple customer names for what is really a single customer

    2-18-19 1. I tried to ask this question two days ago-- No response heard from the Community: When I try to...

  • About Vendors and Customers

    I attempted to write this question previously  just now but it included using a chain of digits several...

  • Novice needs to know best way to obtain help at this web site

    2-15-19   I am a rank novice at QuickBooks despite using it for many years, mostly for highly...

  • Novice with question about Batch Enter Transactions

    I run QB Accountant 2018. I often download my bank statements as an Excel file (.xls), and then edit that...

  • Inexperienced novice needs to enter an Adjustment to Reconciliation

    2-13-19   Ladies and Gentlemen: I run QuickBooks Accountant 2018 desktop although I am not an accountant....

  • Batch enter transactions in QB Pro 2016

    My apologies, this is embarrassingly simple: I can't seem to access the Batch Enter Transactions function...

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