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  • Managing Profit and Loss Report to include VAT in Report.

    Hello We are a small Charity and Pay VAT on most of our Bills from suppliers. I want to extract the VAT we...

  • Restricted Grants - Opening Balances

    Hello, I am using Quickbooks Desktop for the 1st time for a Non Profit Company. They get a lot of...

  • Saving Memorized Reports

    Hello, I am totally confused how Quickbooks Updates a Memorised Report. When I go to the Memorised Report...

  • Profit and Loss By Job

    Hello, I am the Treasurer of a small Charity. We have to spend a lot of money on our Hall Repairs. We want...

  • Sales Receipts Classes

    Good afternoon. In my Non Profit Charity I am a creating Sales Receipt for a Fund Raising Event and wish to...

  • Fund Raising Non Profit?

    Hello Community I have Fund Raisers who at end of the month want to know what the  Income and Expenses are...

  • Restricted Funds Setting

    Hello I am setting up Not for Profit Charity Accounts. How do I set up a Restricted Funds Account and Sub...

  • How do I create a Quickbooks Pro Forma Invoice for Quickbooks Desktop Thank you

    I am Treasurer for a Small Charity and I have been asked for a Pro Forma Invoice before an Event. I use...

  • Items for Non Profits

    Is their a list of Items for Non Profit 

  • Creating an Invoice Template

    Hi, I wish to Create an Invoice Template and use the same Basic Design of an ExistingTemplate. I wish to...

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