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  • PTO Calculations - Employee daily hours vary

    We use PTO accrual per hour worked.   Because the employee's run a route their work hours can vary.  They...

  • CASH Basis - Recording a LOST check in QB from last year

    Last year a customer sent a payment for an invoice.  The payment was over the amount of the invoice and QB...

  • How do I account for prepaid employee health insurance in QB?

    We have an employee on medical leave that has made prepayments to the health insurance. How do I record...

  • 1099 for Tow Company and Salt Provider?

    I have two quick questions.     1.  We purchase bulk salt  from a sole proprietor.  We use the salt for...

  • Form W-3 Box 13 & 14 Third Party Sick Pay

    We have an employee that received Third Party Sick Pay in 2018. They had the following taxes withheld by...

  • Third Party Sick Pay and NJ-927

    We had an employee that was out on disability and we received the Year End Statement to enter into the...

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