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  • How to make a report regarding one brand

    Hello Team,  I am looking for a sales report, which includes the customers who purchased one particular...

  • credit memo and how to edit credit

    Hello Team,  I have two different filed of questions, as I mentioned from the Title A credit memo from...

  • Update

    Hello there,  I am been using quickbook for 3 months, but the this quickbook is 2016 pro.   When i open the...


    Hello Team.    I am new with quickbook, so I am asking suggestions.    I received the accountant copy...

  • Part time Employees payroll

    Hello Team,    I am new with quickbook. I was wondering regarding the part time employees.  I need to...

  • A few questions regarding the payment

    I am new with the quickbook, 1 so I didn't know why I can't click the invoice check mark.    Another two...

  • Do my files get lost If I updated accountant's copy from 2018?

    It is my first year to use accountant to file the tax, and now the accountant's copy comes back to me.    I...

  • Short-cut� to select the item through filters?

    As picture showed, I was wondering if there is short cut button to select multiple items, for example, i...

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