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  • How to remove the shading in reports?

    Dear All   How to control the shading on report? When I log on as Admin, there are shadings on alternative...

  • How to change "To Print" to "No."

    When inputting Bill Payment, I accidentally selected "To Print" rather than "Assign check number". My...

  • How to get a list of "Check"?

    Dear All,   How to get a list (report or form) of "Check" (without Pmt-Check and Bill)?   TIA

  • Check numbers

    I forgot to enter check number when QB ask me to enter. I left the "CHECK NO" column blank and click on...

  • How to open a QBX file?

  • How to convert "check" to "payment"?

    Is there any way to convert "Check" to "Bill-Pmt" (bill payment)? TIA  

  • How to create a "USD Discount/Rebate from Suppliers"

    The base currency of may co. is HKD. May I know how to create a "USD Discount/Rebate from Suppliers"? TIA

  • Importing data from a .QBJ file

    I try to import a General Journal Entries .QBJ file which is exported from my old accounting system....

  • Invoice duplicated

    I found a strange situation the the invoice 223379 is duplicated. Could anybody tells me how to fix it? TIA...

  • List of funds transferring between two bank accounts

    Is there any report which shows all funds transferring between two bank accounts?   TIA

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