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  • How to account for use tax payable

    I own a Glass company and hold a resale certificate making my purchases of windshields etc. tax exempt. I...

  • How to account for moving money out of business checking acct to business savings acct as a preemptive end of year/quarter tax payment

    I want to move $1,000 from my business checking acct into my business savings acct, already did actually,...

  • Payee and check number not appearing in bank account list of transactions after receiving payment against invoice.

    After receiving a payment against a particular invoice, then going to "record deposits" and depositing it...

  • Add/ account for inventory item

    I own a glass business and buy sheets of glass that I later cut down to specific sizes and resell for...

  • I can not add online payment option

    I am trying to make it so that my customers are able to pay an invoice when I email them one. I believe I...

  • Business expenses

    I bought a box of neoprene gloves that I will use throughout many jobs over the next month or two. I also...

  • Emailing Invoices etc.

    I have attached my E-mail to QB for emailing Invoices etc. How do I change the default "signature" area of...

  • Customer Invoices

    When I am viewing my Invoices in Customer Center and I select a new customer from the "customer:job" drop...

  • Stop Auto-fill of Payee on Checks

    I don't want my p.o. number to be automatically created on my purchase orders. How do I stop this from...

  • payments by different parties on one invoice

    I have a Glass business and replace windshields as part of our services offered. We deal with Insurance...

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