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  • Invoice

    Hello,   I'm stuck!  :smileyfrustrated: Hopefully someone out there can help me. I invoiced my customer for...

  • Account /Reconciliation Bank Statement

    *1) So lets say I go out of town and I stop to pump gas so I payed with business crd card and get a receipt...

  • Accounts

    Hello,   I need help with choosing the right account to enter this purchase. I purchased a software for my...

  • 1099

    A little help please... Who exactly gets a 1099 form?  I know that if you payed someone more than $600 they...

  • 1099

    Hello, How can I enter or fill out a 1099 form for someone that helps me in my business as a sales...

  • 1099

    Hello, What are the steps to fill out a 1099 form for someone that is helping me with my business as a...

  • Check Register

    Thank you so much for all the help and the fast response from the community. I am new to this website and...

  • fix $0.54 discrepancy

    I'm just having a hard time not being able to pass this step... I have checked all my deposits and...

  • Chart of Accounts

    Hello, This year I got a loan to purchase some equipment for my business. I entered the name of my lending...

  • Donations as sales receipts

    Hello...   I'm finishing up my yearly 2018 reconciliation but have a question. We donated shirts that we...

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