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  • QBD stops working when trying to email invoices

    Every time I try to email invoices from QBD a window pops up and says the program has stopped working and...

  • Unfile a Sales Tax filing in QBD

    In QBD can Sales Tax Return be undone?  Filing is done monthly and noticed that one invoice was incorrect...

  • How to organize classes when there are many to track and several locations?

    I'm looking for feedback on how you would use class for the following: 1) Track based on location (by...

  • Can an invoice be deleted and re-entered after reconciliation?

    Can an invoice be deleted and re-entered after Customer Payment has been received and deposited and the...

  • How to create an invoice for HST (sales tax) payment only?

    The customer requires two separate invoices, one to show the gross amount and the other to show the HST...

  • How to enter payroll cheque received with deductions

    I am using QBD for personal finances. I receive a paycheque from a payroll company. There are no source...

  • How to merge two classes

    How do I merge two classes into one class when transactions were entered and classed into each. 

  • How to enter expense reimbursements to employees

    Employees are given cash from the company to use toward business expenses or a cheque is written to them to...

  • How to record Petty Cash & Expenses

    A cheque was written to one of the owners for business expenses to be incurred.  The transaction was...

  • Shareholder Loan (Liability) vs Shareholder Distribution (equity)

    Can someone explain the difference to me - Shareholder Loan (Liability) vs Shareholder Distribution...

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