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  • You can't delete or merge this account because it is reserved for the Online Banking feature.

    Okay, I'm all too familiar with links and how everything, pretty much, interacts with QB as I've been using...

  • Adding or Editing Rules Stalls or Freezes

    I am using my client's brand new Windows 10 4GB Laptop which doesn't show any speed issues.  I am also...

  • Profit and Loss Class by Month Report

    Not sure this is possible without jumping through hoops.   I understand filtering and sorting reports. ...

  • Entering or Editing Data, Field not ready for input when switching screens

    Sorry - not sure how I can make this title shorter or more concise. During the entering of Data, be it a...

  • Sort or Filter Rules by Account

    I understand in the creation of a Rule there's a choice of what Account it belongs to.  This is not my...

  • Search Rules Desktop

    I have taken on yet another new challenge for a client to get their books back in order.  I came to see...

  • Modifying the Chart of Accounts does not flow to Banking Rules

    I just finished restructuring the COA to go from just names to account numbers, to help out a friend.  When...

  • Calculating within the Amount Field

    Anyone have a solution to perform simple math calculations within the transaction amount field?   In the...

  • Connection issue to one client on Chrome.

    So first thing:  I'm an X-Techy guy who has retired after doing this stuff for the past 30-40 years.  So...

  • Filter accounts in balance sheet report

    Thought I was hallucinating of the fact that I was always able to filter my balance sheet reports by...

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