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  • Customer name vs. Company name?

    What is the significance of the Company Name in Quickbooks?  It looks like the person that set our QB up...

  • Simple way to auto-generate an inventory report once per day?

    We are constantly running into issues between departments where one department thinks we have more...

  • Custom Summary Report: Inventory Quick View only display active items

    We have some service and inventory part items in QB, and I have tried to clean things up by deactivating a...

  • Can you make Sales Receipts default to pending?

    Our company is very small and we issue Sales Receipts only for all transactions (no invoicing or anything...

  • Creating a report based on custom field for customer

    We had someone set up Quickbooks several years back who created a few custom fields in the customer...

  • Export Customer List not pulling in custom fields?

    I was attempting to clean up some data with some customers in our system, and used the "Export Customer...

  • Creating a daily delivery route list for drivers

    What do other companies do that have a business that is primarily delivery-based?  We currently build a...

  • Income tracker: Last sent date and status?

    Our small business just uses Sales Receipts exclusively to generate orders for customers... I'm wanting to...

  • Changing Service types to Inventory?

    I work at a brewery and we currently use QB Desktop Pro (and have for a couple years now) to handle all of...

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