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  • Dashboard sales at zero

    Hi there,   SInce two days now my dashboard sales report shows 0. How can i fix that bug?   Thx  

  • set up owners and investors shares

    Hi there,   My partner and I opened a dive center two years ago and newly use quickbooks. We already setup...

  • Credit note unapplied, impossible to apply

    Hi, i have two questions in one I sell diving trips. 1- Customers pay prior to the dives. Sometimes they...

  • problem of amounts on my sales report different from my invoice

    Hi, I do daily report on my sales. The amounts on my customer invoice are right but the amount showed per...

  • Classify material purchase in order to sell a service

    Hi, I own a dive center. I sell dive as a service. I'm not sure which account should i register my expenses...

  • payment method

    How to feed the payement method of each expense from the add expense menu of a tablet? For example i create...

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