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  • Match a bank transaction to a vendor credit?

    I accidentally paid a vendor twice for the same bill. One payment is already properly matched to the bill....

  • How to categorize Overpayment to Vendor/vendor Credit

    We accidentally paid a vendor twice for the same service.   1) I figured I can create a vendor credit and...

  • Multiple partner equity accounts

    I see many posts related to this but I'm looking for a specific example of setting up equity account for...

  • unapplied cash bill payment expense issue

    I understand what unapplied cash bill payment is but cant figure out why it's showing as unapplied in this...

  • Unspecified class is incorrect on report

    I ran a report that shows sales by Class   There is an unspecified Class section with data. However, when I...

  • Bill Date for Service based company

    Hi   I'm looking for advice on which date to use for Bill Date for a service based company.  For example, I...

  • Fraudulently Deposited Check to Vendor

    I've posted in the past about a similar issue, but this is slightly different. The first post was about...

  • Banking Not Matching Transactions

    A customer paid an invoice via Quickbooks Payments.  I have an option to match the payment to the deposit...

  • Guaranteed Payments and expense reimbursements

    Hi    If a partner was paid back by the company for money he laid out for an expense, is this considered...

  • Checks paid more than Bill Amount

    We paid a vendor 2 checks but there was no bill. I am retroactively adding bills and applying the...

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