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  • How do I record an expense to a liability account

    Quickbooks only allows bank and credit card accounts to record expenses. But I have a liability account...

  • Single Business Check on sheet

    Hi,  I see that the print checks set up has an option for standard checks, but that seems to have 3 checks...

  • Credit Card bills tip

    I have a great tip that you might find very useful. The way the banking feed is set up, you only know your...

  • Unpaid bills report

    I ran a report of bills with the filter for unpaid bills. The problem is that it listed bills that were...

  • Quick trick for bank feeds

    Here is a quick trick for bank feeds when you want to add them and then quickly go to them for any other...

  • Customers

    QB has a great thing for vendors. You can pick a vendor and it shows you everything you purchased from that...

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