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  • Customer return for parts out of spec

    Hi all!    We recently sold  items to a customer. Invoiced as normal. the parts are out of spec and will be...

  • How do I account for raw material in builds?

    We are a small manufacturing company using quickbooks desktop enterprise. Lets say we make different...

  • Returned items on PO

    Hi All!    We create a PO for 50 widgets. We receive the 50 widgets. We "entered a bill against inventory"...

  • Custom templates

    Hi all!    We created a custom packing slip template. However, the packing list still shows already...

  • Change COGS after invoice

    Hi All,   We are a custom manufacturer so we make new parts all the time. We create a new part and assign ...

  • Print packing slip for partial shipment

    Hi all!    We recently had an order with 5 line items. We shipped 2 of the line items complete.    Today we...

  • Cost differences for different quantity of parts

    Hi!    We are a custom job shop. Most of the items we make are made to order. We have different price...

  • PO for expenses

    HI all,   We are new to quickbooks and still working the kinks out.  We wrote POs for expenses (building...

  • Decimal places (yea another decimal place question from me)

    Hi All!    I've asked about decimal places/rounding out on BOM builds, but now I've got another question.  ...

  • Import transactions

    Hi all!    We are just starting Quickbooks this year. We are in the process of setting up payroll through...

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