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  • Voucher checks

    Good afternoon!   When I enter a bill and include the details while using the items tab, (rather than the...

  • Reconciliation discrepancy - Non-profit

    After using quickbooks from Sept 2018 to Jan 2019 and just entering the deposits (donations) directly on...

  • Multi User mode

    When we go to multi user mode, when does each user see the changes that others have made? It does not seem...

  • How can I delete a memorized report?

    Trying to delete memorized reports that we no longer need. Can't seem to find how to do so. Thanks in...

  • Desktop version. When entering donations, how do I set it to go to the right bank account?

    Desktop version, non-profit.   We were simply entering the donations directly in the register. But now we...

  • How do I apply a credit amount to the amount owed to vendor?

    I have entered a number a bills that we owe a vendor which are sitting in Pay Bills. I also see the correct...

  • Deposits

    Good morning, Since we are a small branch of a larger organization, we are not using qkbks desktop exactly...

  • Filtering Open Purchase Order reports

    I would like to create a report that is filtered by the Account the PO was charged to as well as the...

  • Purchase order reports

    One issue I am having is ..... I entered a number of purchase orders yet one in particular is not showing...

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