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  • Sales Order NOT showing when Invoicing a Customer

    We create Sales Orders to a Customer, and invoice it whenever we helps them drop ships an item. Customer A:...

  • Why does Enter now function as Tab?

    When you create a new customer, once everything is done, you press enter, the new customer will be saved. ...

  • Net inventory cost / Cost of Good Sold in Sales Order

    QB gives you the options of looking at the overall SO to a particular customer, how much of the total SO...

  • Lag on Multi-User Mode

    - Our QB 2019 is up-to-date on both computers - Hosting it on one computer, then sharing folder of the QB...

  • Missing SO and PO

    We were doing a PO, then had a printing issue.  Downloaded the QB Printing Tool, then logged back in QB,...

  • Adjust Inventory against Sales Order

    We sell on Amazon.  When shipping items to Amazon, we will enter a SO against the items send. Some times...


    Is there a way to view all past PO prices for a specific item?  Not the average price, but let say a list...

  • How can you search for all customers that have Credit Card information stored

    Is there a way for us to search for all customers that have CC information stored? Thank you! With so many...

  • Transferring Ownership of QB

    Besides the 3 reasons to transfer  Sale of Company Including All Assets Completed TOO form signed by both...

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