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  • Override sales tax on transactions

    From the article: Our calculations on collected sales tax are based on what is set up for each agency.... If you are adjusting the number collected, it’s likely that the agency will still be expecting the original amount.

  • Align checks/cheques to print

    From the article: The first time that you print checks/cheques on preprinted forms, you must perform a few tasks so that information prints in the correct areas.

  • Delete a vendor or supplier

    From the article: Delete a vendor or supplier You cannot delete a vendor/supplier at this time, but you can make one permanently inactive.

  • Add a customer

    From the article: Go to  Invoicing or Sales > Customers .... Click Add Customer .... Fill in the fields in the Customer Information window.

  • Sales tax exemptions

    From the article: What types of transactions are exempt from sales tax?... While you should check with your individual state tax authority as to which goods and services sold in your state are subject to sales tax, generally you are not required to collect sales tax for t

  • Enter a single timed activity

    From the article: For information about how to fill in a weekly timesheet, see Fill in a weekly timesheet .... Click Create (+) > Single Time Activity .

  • Adicionar uma única hora de trabalho

    From the article: Para obter mais informações sobre como preencher um registro de horas semanal, consulte Preencher registro semanal de horas .

  • Tax agency info

    From the article: Add agencies, such as city and county jurisdictions, to your list of who you pay.... This will allow QuickBooks Online to calculate the correct sales tax for each sale.

  • Assign expense accounts on purchases

    From the article: When you make purchases, you can track where your money goes by assigning each purchase to an expense account.

  • Buy 1099-MISC forms

    From the article: You can e-file  1099 forms with the IRS or you can print them yourself.... If you print them, you'll need special preprinted forms that are acceptable to the IRS Note : Setting up and preparing 1099s is a feature that's available only in QuickBooks Onlin

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