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  • Attach a receipt in the mobile app

    From the article: We'll ask permission to access your phone's camera when you want to attach a receipt.... You can manage where to save receipt photos in Settings.

  • Mobile app Troubleshooting steps for mobile-only regions

    From the article: Sign up by downloading the mobile app (iOS through the App Store, Android through Google Play).... Once you create a login you will start your 30-day trial, and you also receive a discount offer to sign up.

  • Invoicing in the Mobile app

    From the article: Use our new invoicing feature to send unlimited clean, professional-style invoices from anywhere.... iOS: Tap Invoices at the bottom of the screen.

  • Downloading Transaction Log from the mobile app

    From the article: QuickBooks Self-Employed Mobile app now allows users to email a CSV report of their transaction information to themselves.

  • Banking error 324

    From the article: Error 324 means QuickBooks Self-Employed is unable to find the account(s) when logging in to your bank's website or if the account has been closed at the bank and therefore no longer shows up on the website.

  • Canceling your mobile subscription

    From the article: If our product isn’t quite right for your needs, let us know what we could've done to make it work better for you.

  • Getting Started Frequently Asked Questions

    From the article: Below are some frequently asked questions from other QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE) customers Can I create custom expense categories?

  • Troubleshooting Automatic Mileage Tracking Issues

    From the article: QuickBooks Self-Employed relies on some of your phone’s native settings to track trips.... Sometimes new or updated system settings like battery optimization or location access affect whether the app can track your trips.

  • QuickBooks Self-Employed South Africa Taxability

    From the article: The following information are the key points for QuickBooks Self-Employed South Africa Taxes.... Tax Year: 1st March - 28th February Tax Year dates Dates What happens Tax Form 1-Mar-17 Tax Year starts n/a 31-Aug-17 Provisional Payment 1 ITR-6 28-Feb-18 T

  • Manually add miles in the mobile app

    From the article: If you decide to disable automatic mileage tracking, you can still add your work-related drives easily in the mobile app.

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