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  • How to unsubscribe or cancel QuickBooks Online subscription purchased through an app store (iOS or Android)

    From the article: If you are using the web version of QuickBooks Online (on a computer or laptop), see How to Cancel your QuickBooks Online Company (United States) .

  • How to submit an email change request

    From the article: In most cases, you can change your email address within QuickBooks Online.... If you're unable to log into your online account, you may need to submit an Email Change Request.

  • Clean up your workspace

    From the article: It may be a challenge to differentiate your new company file from the old file especially when you just restored a new version.

  • Restore your file

    From the article: Unable to locate your file?... QuickBooks can restore your company file to get you back to business in no time!

  • How to create an Intuit account

    From the article: An Intuit account lets you easily manage and access any Intuit products connected to your email address, like QuickBooks Online, Turbotax, and Mint.

  • Download your file

    From the article: Your file is now fixed and ready to be downloaded!... Go to File Exchange .... Sign in with your Case Number, Email, and PIN.

  • Recognise and report suspicious emails (Phishing)

    From the article: Phishing, spam, spoof, or hoax emails are a huge problem today.... The best protection against these security risks is awareness and prevention.

  • How to make sure you receive important email messages from Intuit

    From the article: If you're email account isn't receiving messages from Intuit's  do_not_reply email address there are several simple steps you can take to fix this problem.

  • What data doesn't convert from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online?

    From the article: If you're migrating from QuickBooks Desktop, this comprehensive list of features can help you understand if your data is simply not supported, or why it has changed.

  • Explore your file

    From the article: After you open the fixed company file, run reports in both the fixed and old file and compare the information to see if there are missing transactions.

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