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  • QuickBooks Self-Employed overview for accountants

    From the article: Today, self-employed individuals struggle with tracking income and expenses associated with their work.

  • Invite/remove an accountant in QuickBooks Self-Employed

    From the article: QuickBooks Self-Employed users can now invite an accountant to access their data via QuickBooks Online Accountant.

  • QBOA & QBSE Integration HUB

    From the article: ◀ Go back to Accountant Help Hub FAQs QuickBooks Self-Employed was built specifically for Schedule C tax clients, so they can stay organized and on top of their business finances all year long.

  • Schedule C: Supplies

    From the article: These are the things you buy to sell or turn into something you sell.... It's the costs of raw materials, packaging, and shipping that ultimately become part of the products you sell or create.

  • Schedule C: Other business expenses

    From the article: Here's where you’ll list other business-related expenses that haven't been entered in a previous category.

  • Mileage syncing

    From the article: Does mileage on the mobile app sync to the web?... You betcha.... Tracked trips automatically sync to the web product.

  • How we approach sales tax

    From the article: Managing sales tax requires a little bit of effort, but not too much.... Here's how to deal with sales tax in our app.

  • Why your data doesn't start on January 1

    From the article: It would make tidy financial housekeeping if we could start your data from January 1.... But when you create your account and connect your banks and credit cards, we pull as much of your transaction data as we can.

  • Use our product as a self-employment ledger

    From the article: You can use this application as a self-employment ledger.... Basically, a ledger is a bookkeeping tool to record info about money received and paid out.

  • View annual tax information in the mobile app

    From the article: On the Home tab, you will be able to view charts of your business profit for the current tax year, total business mileage, and your top deductions.

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