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  • Correct errors in expense account

    From the answer: Hi  carol , We are unable to edit your transactions inside QuickBooks after they have been posted from QuickBooks Point of Sale.

  • How do I record gift cards in Quickbooks?

    From the answer: We use a liability account for Gift Cards Payable.... When the gift cards are purchased, instead of crediting revenue, we credit Gift Cards Payable.

  • How do I account for internal use of an inventory item?

    From the answer: No you should not be selling to yourself I do not use POS so you will have to find and use inventory adjust and select the adjustment account for demo expense or shop use expense, what ever you have set up and lower the qty on hand The value of the a

  • Download a copy of Quickbooks POS Pro Version 10

    From the answer: Log on to your Intuit account.... You should be able to download it from there....

  • Is it possible to delete or hide Old Inventory Items? And is this even a good idea?

    From the answer: Old items can be deleted.... The sales history associated with them will not be.... Here is the real scoop on a deleted item in POS.

  • Work order or Sales Order

    From the answer: Work Orders are typically used for repair/warranty work situations.... Sales orders are often used when the customer wishes to purchase something you do not have in stock.

  • Export group or assembly item components

    From the answer: Not an option in QB there is an outside third party utility, ccrqbom, which will report on where used for items in an assembly, as well as other things (I am not affiliated)

  • Negative "Available" values after migrating to 18.0

    From the answer: Hi there,  jtreitman , I'm here to share some updates about the available quantity not showing correctly in POS.

  • Why is the Company Operations screen looping and not allowing me to log into Point of Sale?

    From the answer: We are aware of an unexpected issue with Point of Sale (version 10 and above) which causes the Company Operations screen to loop continuously and prevents users from being able to log in.

  • How do I change the sales receipt date in POS Pro 12.0?

    From the answer: Under the "I want to" menu choose change date.... This is only applied to the current receipt.... If you don't see the option you might be logged in as a user with limited access.

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