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  • Start/access a ProConnect Tax Online (PTO) return in QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA)

    From the article: How do I start a tax return or access an existing tax return from QuickBooks Online Accountant?... From within your QBOA firm In QuickBooks Online Accountant, click the hamburger ( ☰ ) to expand the Navigation menu.

  • Terms of Service & License Agreement

    From the article: Before you started using our product, you accepted our Terms of Service & License Agreement that specifies how you should use the product and what your rights are as a QuickBooks user.

  • The Find-a-ProAdvisor review experience

    From the article: Overview In Intuit's continued focus on bringing potential clients and ProAdvisors together, we have revamped the Find-a-ProAdvisor review experience.

  • New Billing Platform for QBOA Bill Me

    From the article: Watch the new billing experience in QuickBooks Online Accountant

  • Accountant Getting Started

    From the article: ◀ Go back to Accountant Help Hub QuickBooks Online QuickBooks Desktop Basics What is QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA)?

  • Lead Assignment in QuickBooks Online Accountant

    From the article: Overview A Lead Accountant is the accounting firm team member through which a client has provided access to their QuickBooks Online subscription to the firm .

  • Team member access change notifications

    From the article: Overview When managing team member access within your firm, QuickBooks Online Accountant will notify affected users of these changes automatically.

  • QBOA Accountant Tools

    From the article: ◀ Back to QuickBooks Online Accountant topics All Accountant Tools articles Reclassify Transactions Write Off Invoices Insert text here... Accessing the Accountant Tools Undo a Reconciliation Reports Tools Trial Balance ProConnect Tax Online

  • ProAdvisor QuickBooks Certification supplemental guides

    From the article: Supplemental guides While you are taking the certification courses, you are given access to supplemental guides to assist you with your journey.

  • Process a credit card payment in QuickBooks Online

    From the article: Sign in to the QuickBooks Online company that is linked to your QuickBooks Payments account, then follow these easy steps: From almost anywhere in QuickBooks, click the add (+) button at the top of the screen.

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