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  • Why don't my Balance Sheet report and Register match?

    From the article: If your company's fiscal year is different than the calendar year, the amounts on both the report and the register may not match because the Balance Sheet is run on a calendar year.

  • Licensing Agreement

    From the article: This terms of service agreement ("End User License") is a contract between you and Intuit ("Intuit" or "us").

  • Error: Transaction already exists - save anyway?

    From the article: This error occurs when another transaction of the same type has been saved using the same number.... To locate the other transaction: Make a note of the transaction number (invoice number, check number, etc.) for the transaction you're trying to save.

  • Cancel or change your subscription to an Intuit App Center application

    From the article: This article describes how to cancel or change your subscription to an online application from the Intuit App Center.

  • Customer Statements - How to Create and Send [VIDEO]

    From the article: Below is a short video on how to create and send Statements  Customer Statements - Creating and Sending

  • View FAQs in the QuickBooks Online Mobile App

    From the article: In the mobile app, select the menu icon and then look for  Help to find our Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Banking Transactions are Duplicates, Missing, or Wrong or Bank Balance not Updating

    From the article: Here's what to do if your downloaded bank transactions are duplicates , missing or wrong .... Duplicate transactions: Occasionally, you might encounter duplicate downloaded transactions from your financial institutions.

  • Convert a QuickBooks Desktop file with payments for use in QuickBooks Online

    From the article: If your payments account is currently linked to a QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) company file, there are few things you need to do before linking it to your QuickBooks Online company.

  • Switch Merchant account to a QuickBooks Desktop file

    From the article: Switching your merchant account from QuickBooks Online to a QuickBooks desktop file requires two steps.

  • How does the Company Snapshot work?

    From the article: The Company Snapshot report gives you a great overview of the money coming in and going out of your business, along with the ability to compare your business to others in your industry.

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