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  • How can I change the date range the Profit and Loss (PP) Comparison report uses to compare by?

    From the article: When the Profit and Loss report is customized for the Prior Period (PP) Comparison, it will automatically adjust for the correct amount of days.

  • Allowing/Accepting cookies for QuickBooks Online

    From the article: Please use steps to allow/accept cookies for the appropriate browser.... Note for all browsers:   It's not necessary to close/reopen the browser after changing this setting using the steps below.

  • Sales tax and tip in GoPayment

    From the article: If you processed a payment on your phone using GoPayment and it included tax and tip it may not be showing up in QuickBooks Online.

  • Ordering 1099/1096 forms and supplies

    From the article: How can I get a sample 1099 form?... To download a sample copy of a 1099-MISC.... form, click here: Get started early and order your forms right away to avoid the last minute rush!

  • Sequência de teste para problemas de impressão de PDF

    From the article: Estas etapas ajudam a diagnosticar vários problemas de impressão de PDF no Windows.... Para verificar mais etapas de solução de problemas de impressão, consulte Solução de problemas de impressão no Windows .

  • Adding GoPayment (mobile payments) to an existing QuickBooks Payments account

    From the article: If you have an existing merchant account through Intuit, you can add mobile processing through GoPayment!

  • Qual é o limite de linhas impressas em um comprovante de depósito com resumo?

    From the article: Ao imprimir o comprovante de depósito e o resumo, somente as primeiras 18 entradas serão impressas.... Se você tentar imprimir um comprovante de depósito e um resumo com mais de 18 linhas, será necessário dividir o depósito.

  • Why is the balance column on the register blank?

    From the article: If you customize the bank register to show only Reconciled , Cleared/Not Reconciled or Cleared transactions, the balance column will be blank.

  • What is the limit of lines that will print on a deposit slip with summary?

    From the article: When printing the deposit slip and summary only the first 18 entries will print.... If you do try to print out a deposit slip and summary, with more then 18 lines, you will be prompted to split up the deposit.

  • Criar um ícone da área de trabalho do QuickBooks Advanced

    From the article: Para adicionar um ícone da área de trabalho da sua empresa do QuickBooks Advanced em qualquer um dos navegadores compatíveis: Feche ou minimize as janelas abertas até que você possa ver a área de trabalho.

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