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  • Progressive Invoicing: how to choose just one item from list on QB 2013 for Mac?

    From the answer: Let's pretend the Design Fees are $50 a month x 6 months.... That = $300, not $50 separate lines.... You invoice only $50 OF the $300, and the $300 shows a reducing balance left to invoice.

  • Can i see all transactions posted on a specific date

    From the answer: Yes.... The Audit Trail report makes it easy to find transactions last edited by date range.

  • How can I see who entered a transaction

    From the answer: That's a good question,  controller .... You can pull up the Audit Trail report.... This lists each accounting transaction and any additions, deletions, or modifications done to your company file.

  • Will I be able to transfer all my data and templates to a new version of Quickbooks if my old version cannot back up?

    From the answer: That is a very old version of QB (15 years!).... There is no guarantee it will upgrade with no problems, but if you purchase the newer version from Intuit (2017 is out now), they should help you with the upgrade.

  • How can I add "Bill to" and "Job Location" to a custom report?

    From the answer: Thanks so much for this clarification, Mike.... I believe that I have found just the report you're looking for.

  • How do I get rid of old unused (asset) accounts? Also how do I fix a large negative accounts payable?

    From the answer: "so I went to chart of accounts, double clicked into accounts payable and scrolled up a little."... That means you are looking at that account's Register.

  • How can I enter a negative balance when reconciling?

    From the answer: Just  enter it like this:   -23.17.... Then you should be able to reconcile.

  • Bank Balance does not match Ending Balance

    From the answer: Possible file and/or data damage.... With the chart of accounts open select edit>resort list, if that doesn't do it run file>utilities>verify data and rebuild data.

  • Can I delete a general journal entry? If so, How is this done?

    From the answer: Hi tonijcherry!... Good Day! Yes, a general journal entry (GJE) can be deleted by, Go to Company menu and select Make General Journal Entries Go to the Main tab, and at the top left corner of the  Make General Journal Entries window , click on the Left A

  • Express Web Connect not working

    From the answer: Look at banking>online banking setup.... First I would edit the account in question and from the online settings tab select not enabled, now use banking>online banking setup.

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