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  • QB Premier 2019- any way to turn OFF transfer credits?

    From the answer: No that feature can not be turned off, about all you can do is cancel out of the prompt   Many of us find that to be real handy, but then I don't have a slew of customer credits on hand either

  • Easiest way to find duplicate transactions in QB DESKTOP Pro?

    From the answer: Hey there, @awholenoobworld .... Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to stop by the Community.... I appreciate you sharing what you're looking to accomplish, and what you've tried so far.

  • Unexpected Error

    From the answer: Nobody here can fix issues in your file.... This is a peer user community and the problems are in your file, not anywhere else that someone can push a button or provide a system update to fix.

  • Fraudulent checks written/cashed. Voiding after period closed

    From the answer: Thank you.... So I would replace the payroll checks with standard checks and then void those to account for them?

  • Sales by Item report is double counting invoices with multiple payments..??

    From the answer: This is happening because you're running the report on a Cash basis.... When you do that, each Payment appears on the report, but listing the things from the invoice that it paid.

  • How to record transaction when a customers bank duplicated an incoming wire transfer then took the money back.

    From the answer: Don't use AR for this and it can work: Create one General Journal for the wire amount and use the bank account on it 2x, for both the debit and credit.

  • Chart of Accounts/Vendors

    From the answer: Yes, this would be a cardless "Credit Card" type of account.... That way, you use Banking menu  > Enter Credit Card Charge, for each purchase.

  • Multi Currency Sales Price

    From the answer: Thanks

  • credit card late fee

    From the answer: Enter it in your credit card register like the charges you make.

  • Sales order not showing as invoiced but has been invoiced

    From the answer: It's great to hear from you again, .... Let me help figure out the proper action to take in fixing your sales order transaction in QuickBooks.

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