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  • Print a report of invoices by invoice number or date made

    From the answer: You can do this by running a report in Quickbooks for MAC  Report > Custom transaction detail report We need this report to show invoices, so click on filters and match the settings as follows Account: All account receivables Posting type: Posting Tr

  • How do I track sales tax paid to a vendor to deduct from taxes paid to government?

    From the answer: The IRS says any amount paid to get an item, including sales tax, shipping, etc or to make it ready for sale is part of item cost - so as far as the IRS is concerned it should be added to item cost and received at a price that includes all costs Stat

  • How can i record meal and entertainment expenses

    From the answer: Make your expense accounts in your chart of accounts, use those from write checks, enter bills or enter credit card charges to track your expenses.

  • How can I tax items at different rates on the same invoice?

    From the answer: @ will the only way to use different sales tax rates for different items is create a sales tax item with a 0% rate and assign that to the customer on the invoice, list all items for rate 1, follow with a sub total item, follow that with sales tax ite

  • How to record loan interest expense alongside loan payment from cash on hand

    From the answer: @ wheel house cash has to be tracked in QB, you do that by creating a bank type account called cash and funding it then you use write checks on the cash bank account (do not print the check) on the expense tab for your transaction loan liability acco

  • How to fix Negative Retained Earnings in new Business

    From the answer: amelia if you entered transactions in the bank account before you actually had a bank account, that is the problem, it shows as a negative balance what should have happened is you create bank type account called cash, and use that to post out of pock

  • Can someone help me reconcile a year that was entered in as a general journal entry?

    From the answer: Just take the 10/2012 bank statement and start there with reconcile.... You may have to enter an adjustment if things are out of whack.

  • How do I handle accidental purchases?

    From the answer: assuming you are taxed as a sole-p or partnership enter the CC charge and use owner/partner equity drawing enter the payment and use owner/partner equity investment I recommend you have the following for owner/partner equity accounts  (one set for ea

  • Create a general journal entry

    From the answer: Depends on your business - if a non profit   maybe Deposit to Professional training and create to in-kind contribution.

  • Credit - Refund - Link together for client who used PayPal to pay

    From the answer: From the QB Mac user guide.... Although you have recorded both the credit memo and the check, you still need to connect the check to the credit memo so that QuickBooks can track the transaction correctly.

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