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  • Question: As a Business Owner, How Do You Stay Financially ?Literate??

    From the answer: These articles are great - thanks  @WillowOlder !... In addition, QB Community members can be a very helpful resource for on-the-ground finance and accounting questions.

  • Meet Your QB Community Team!

    From the answer: Yes, me too.... How do I post a question?... I see you haven't gotten a response in 3 weeks.... I hope this isn't the norm.

  • SEP IRA in QBO

    From the answer: Hey  @dgallant ,   Welcome to the community.... I saw you posted in  another thread about recording SEP-IRA , but I wanted to give you a few more resources.

  • Hubdoc

    From the answer: Hubdoc is a great program especially when it comes to document aggregation.... It also depends on your accounting platform, if you are a QuickBooks Desktop user than I would suggest checking out  Ledgersync .

  • Accounting & Finance Show LA

    From the answer: Seth David's talk was excellent!... I attended the show even though I'm not an accountant but instead am a small business consultant.

  • How to choose a software development company?

    From the answer: It's not that easy to find a good software development service provider.... Believe me.... I have spent much time on the search.

  • Beware of scammers in the online community

    From the answer: Hey  @rhowe1  - thanks for this post and for offering a heads-up to the wider community.... We do our best to catch these spammers as soon as they appear, but every once in a while one manages to sneak past our filters.

  • Community Questions: Converting QuickBooks Desktop Windows and Mac Files - "Round Tripping?

    From the answer: Another restriction in Mac to Win round trip is that both types (win mac) of QB must be the same year.

  • Julie Gordon White On Building a Powerful Brand Without Using Your Own Name

    From the answer: So, here's my question - how do you switch gears (names) in mid-stream?... I did not want to name my business after me, but because my first business was associated with my name (unique spelling, etc.) and because I had a large list of customers from my

  • Reconciling accounts

    From the answer: Hi Vicki, 1. QuickBooks automatically pulls through an opening balance when the bank account is connected.

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