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  • We run payroll bi-weekly. Do I enter each week individually or combine the weeks?

    From the answer: It's nice to see your post today,  terrie .... Adding a line for each week entered when running a bi-weekly scheduled payroll is currently not available in QuickBooks Online.

  • How do I view my paystub?

    From the answer: Hi 1i1j3nnr83, You can sign up for ViewMyPaycheck to see your paystubs online.... You'll need to prepare these following information to create an account successfully: Social Security Number Email address Net pay on your last paycheck You can also share

  • I am not able to enter/edit Worker's Comp class for any employees. The field just doesn't show when editing employment details.

    From the answer: Hi,  payroll .... We can sort this out with a few browser-related troubleshooting steps.... Kindly switch to an Incognito window to see if you can edit the Worker's Comp class there.

  • Trying to set up deduction for local taxes. It will not let me as it says our zip code is not in area for transit taxes. Not true!

    From the answer: Hi there, nankcarr , Allow me to help you set up your transit tax.... Your report is the only one we received about the issue with the transit tax zip code.

  • Do I need to have new employee fill out Federal W-4 as well as State W-4?

    From the answer: In Calilfornia the employee only needs to complete the state withholding form if they want a different withholding allowance than the federal W-4.

  • unpaid time off for salary employee

    From the answer: Assuming you pay weekly, divide their weekly gross salary amount by the number of days usually worked, then multiply that figure by the number of days for which they are going to be paid.

  • how to enter adjustment checks

    From the answer: It would depend on a few factors on how you can enter back dated paychecks.... Generally, you can just go to the Create Paychecks then change the Pay Date to what you want to enter.

  • creating an invoice for a landscaping job

    From the answer: "I have a landscaping business."... Boy, are you lucky!... Here is the link to the sample file which happens to be Landscaping:   "Am creating job estimates.

  • How can I delete historical payroll data I entered in for the wrong company?

    From the answer: At the bottom of each transaction, click on More > Delete.

  • Paid employee incorrect hours

    From the answer: Hello DebbieGrandee, You are in luck as there are a few options you do have to ensure the employee receives the additional 8 hours from within QuickBooks Online Payroll.

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