• Resolve duplicate merchant service deposits

    From the article: Learn how to resolve duplicate entries for merchant service deposits.... There are two causes for duplicate entries when downloading QuickBooks Merchant Service Deposits: You're already using QuickBooks Online Banking to reconcile bank deposits.

  • Find-a-ProAdvisor resources

    From the article: Learn more about the Find-a-ProAdvisor program.... A ProAdvisor is a QuickBooks-certified independent accounting professional who can provide strategic insights to businesses.

  • Customize payroll email notifications

    From the article: Learn how to customize payroll email preferences in QuickBooks Online Accountant.... When a client invites you to manage their payroll, the client is added to your QuickBooks Online Payroll for Accountants management.

  • Update user account information

    From the article: Learn how to update account information from the Account Manager.... If you need to review activity on your account or update information, such as user profile, security settings, or third party applications and connections, you easily can.

  • Set a default date range

    From the article: Learn how to set a default date range in QuickBooks Online Accountant.... In QuickBooks Online Accountant you can set a default date range in your client's company file.

  • Create a tax return through the QBOA Client List

    From the article: Create a ProConnect Tax Online tax return from within QuickBooks Online Accountant In the Client List , move your mouse over the client you want to start a tax return for.

  • What is this QuickBooks or Intuit Charge?

    From the article: If you have a question regarding a credit card charge from Intuit or QuickBooks, the description on the statement can help locate where that charge is originating from.

  • Report incorrectly exporting to Excel 2013

    From the article: Learn how to fix a report that doesn't export to Excel 2013 correctly.... Are you having trouble with a report you exported to excel?

  • Connect accounts as a Master Administrator

    From the article: Find answers to questions about connecting QuickBooks accounts for those with Master Administrator rights.

  • Assign a lead accountant

    From the article: Learn how a Lead Accountant is assigned.... The Lead Accountant is the firm team member who is given access to a company file and subscription.

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