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  • Split payments for an invoice.

    From the answer: In QBO, no there is not, two invoices will be needed   In QB desktop, in preferences turn on progress invoiceing, and do a partial invoice from an estimate

  • Everytime I open a new tab quickbooks logs me out

    From the answer: It seems that this is a new problem that the engineers are working on.... For more info, see the thread below.

  • Quickbooks can't print a report with transactions and receipt

    From the answer: Hi Dmccarthy76,    I may have a solution that will help you.... The reports available in the left toolbar of QuickBooks will report list and transaction data only; but in QuickBooks Online , you can print a list of attachments that shows a thumbnail of t

  • My Quickbooks (desktop) bank accounts are not showing correct balances

    From the answer: Thank you for your response, i am so dumb when it comes to quickbooks.... What do it mean to reconcile?... Does this mean to print out my bank statement and assure my transactions match up one by one from the beginning to end??????

  • customize statement of cash flow

    From the answer: Thank you very much for your response.... I do have the deposits set up as current liabilities.... I agree that  we will not be changing our basis in the portion of the asset that is kept and I see your point that perhaps this should be in Financing Activiti

  • Inventory

    From the answer: Yes You need to do a retroactive inventory adjustment to create enough stock at the beginning of the invoice list so that the subsequent invoices can sell those items without going negative.

  • remove subtotal from Invoices

    From the answer: It’s great to see you today, thefource33.... I’m here to share the steps on removing the subtotals of an invoice.

  • Rounding Deposits for cash sales and how to account for the difference

    From the answer: There should be a cash type bank account, deposit the change to the cash type bank account

  • Does anyone have an update on the issue of Amex charges not uploading? My problem started on 1/21/19. Transactions have shown up 1/31-2/8 and now nothing again.

    From the answer: Thanks for checking this with us, ,   I can share some update about the AMEX transactions not syncing in Quickbooks.

  • Setting up multiple payment terms in an invoice.

    From the answer: Hello Megan-Payorcrm,   The only way you could do something like that would be to break each amount into it's own invoice.

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