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  • QB Premier 2019- any way to turn OFF transfer credits?

    From the answer: No that feature can not be turned off, about all you can do is cancel out of the prompt   Many of us find that to be real handy, but then I don't have a slew of customer credits on hand either

  • Unexpected Error

    From the answer: Nobody here can fix issues in your file.... This is a peer user community and the problems are in your file, not anywhere else that someone can push a button or provide a system update to fix.

  • WIll quickbooks work with an Equipment rental company? If so how do you set up rental equipment?

    From the answer: Your rental equipment is managed as Service items, or Noninventory Items, because that links to the Rental Income account

  • Invoice from Sales Order option missing from Invoice window after latest update!

    From the answer: Update: I have downloaded the last QB update for a third time (resetting the update each time), but this time I also reinstalled the last Windows update (I am running Windows 7).

  • Editing QBW.ini

    From the answer: Good evening, ssorg.... Thanks for reaching out to the Community.... Do you mind going into further detail as to why you are making this change?

  • Is there a way to generate vendor service invoices based on hours worked and a preset hourly rate?

    From the answer: @scacct I guess I read this differently than everyone else, as I understand it you want to input the vendor bill, and verify the total amount, per day, per period   create a non inventory item, name it, and select the expense account you usually use

  • Correcting a payment on multipule invoices for one account

    From the answer: Edit the Payment and change the invoices is applies to.

  • Chart of Accounts/Vendors

    From the answer: Yes, this would be a cardless "Credit Card" type of account.... That way, you use Banking menu  > Enter Credit Card Charge, for each purchase.

  • Multi Currency Sales Price

    From the answer: Thanks

  • Where to enter currency in invoice.iif?

    From the answer: I find what is wrong.... I should create an account "Account Receivable - USD" for importing.

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