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  • 3rd party Pays the sub-contractor

    From the answer: You are describing something like "Bank uses construction loan to pay my subs" or "I got third party checks to sign over to the subs."

  • Sales by Item report is double counting invoices with multiple payments..??

    From the answer: This is happening because you're running the report on a Cash basis.... When you do that, each Payment appears on the report, but listing the things from the invoice that it paid.

  • How do I record a reimbursement of the hotel expenses from a conference attended? The hotel was paid using a credit card and received a check coverin

    From the answer: Hello Andres, I can help you record this transaction in QuickBooks Desktop.... If this is a personal expense, you?ll need to make a deposit to reimburse the amount.

  • Ability to place purchases with vendors based off a customer estimate?

    From the answer: No, QB will not do forecasting like you are asking about   I am not sure, so email the developer and see, but I think ccrqbom will do that kind of thing

  • Recording the sale of a fixed asset (non-profit)

    From the answer: Here is all you should see.... Start with the Disposal of the Fixed Asset: Basis is Credited for $1,400 to Remove that from being asset value on hand; the offset is Disposal of the asset as other Income Gain/Loss on disposal of asset.

  • Build Assembly Problem

    From the answer: Turns out that there was a single part shortage that was not listed in the Shortage Report.... The reason for the shortage was that the part was not received properly.

  • custom invoice will no longer default

    From the answer: Thanks.... I rebuilt the data and it verified without any errors.... the problem persisted.... I made the custom packing slip inactive -- then reactivated it -- and now my custom invoice stays as the default template!?! 

  • Correcting the date on an invoice? (Quickbooks desktop 2016)

    From the answer: In Desktop there is a user Preference setting (in General) called "Default date for new transactions" you can choose either "today" or "last date used" - you may have the latter setting.

  • How can I add "Bill to" and "Job Location" to a custom report?

    From the answer: Thanks so much for this clarification, Mike.... I believe that I have found just the report you're looking for.

  • Purchase Order

    From the answer: Yes, use the Templates list to edit or create a new PO template with the fields you want.

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