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  • Create a Progress Invoice showing Payments Made and Progress of Work Done

    From the answer: Oh: Grayed Out = this is info QB already finds or is pulling from elsewhere and is not Yours to manually control.

  • Can I edit classes on weekly timesheets after payroll is run?

    From the answer: Yes, you can edit the time records at any point.... Any "time" you want.

  • Warning "you do not have any customers" when trying to create statements

    From the answer: Hi there,  gfpaccounting .... I'd like to add to this discussion to help determine why you're having issues with these QuickBooks functions.

  • How to create a "USD Discount/Rebate from Suppliers"

    From the answer: Thanks for the additional details and the screenshot, BenTam.... If the Multi-currency feature is turned on, QuickBooks will change the currencies of the transactions to your home currency when you import them.

  • QB Desktop - Saving Tax Form PDF to non standard location RESOLVED

    From the answer: Thanks It appears after i saved a FEDERAL form (not state) all is well and it retains the new save location.

  • Custom Invoice Template

    From the answer: Sales tax is already there and available; it is a Function, not a field or a custom field, in that is built in and attached to the Sales Tax Functionality.

  • Repay employee for expense

    From the answer: Hey there, bspeed ,   I can help you repay your employee's business-related expenses.... You can create a non-taxable reimbursement item then add assign the correct expense account for the repayment.

  • Equity closing account

    From the answer: wrote: QuickBooks has automatically closed income to an equity account, other than RE.... There is a RE equity account, but income was not closed to it.

  • Receive Payment without Invoice

    From the answer: Sure.... If they have that many invoices that it doesn't match up.... Click on the Customer drop down and then Receive Payment.

  • Customer Invoices

    From the answer: Hi marvelglassllc,   When you change the Customer:Job name on an invoice, the items on that invoice will not change or delete.

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