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  • How to correct undeposited funds?

    From the answer: Change both systems.... Make one Other Current asset account and use this for Funds in Transit.... What you have right now is a great way to corrupt a QB Desktop file, because you never post Manually to or from UF or using JE for UF.

  • Converting Quickbooks file to CSV Format

    From the answer: Something like 35 states accept the EFW2 format, which is most all of the states that require W-2 filings.

  • Updating a remittance address on a state tax form

    From the answer: Hello there, @mphillips .... Thanks for reaching out to the Community.... I’m here to share some information about updating the remittance address of your state center in QuickBooks Desktop.


    From the answer: Hi LOUIE1,   This happens if the option for shading was disabled the last time you printed an invoice.

  • Printing 1099s

    From the answer: Hello Merry,   Thank you for posting in the Community.... I can help provide the support you need to correct the information within the Recipient name box in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.

  • Convert excel to IIF to import Journal Entry Desktop 2018

    From the answer: Good day, @Kim Perico .... I’m here to share some information about converting Excel or CSV files to IIF and importing Journal Entries in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • report listing each vendor's expense account

    From the answer: Normally an expenses account show hows much has been spent of particular type of supplies (goods or services), and is not directly linked to a vendor, For example, I may buy 'vehicle fuel' from many different garages - so 'vehicle fuel' is an expense

  • Sharing has stopped because another QuickBooks Server has modified the file.

    From the answer: Thanks for bringing this issue to my attention, anino.... The most possible reason regarding errors in accessing a shared company file is it could be opened in a different server.

  • How do I delete and reset my Quickbooks Expenses? I set up two blank ones and they are not tied to active banking information. How do I reset the entire system?

    From the answer: Let me help you sort this out, craintrain13.... If there are no transactions listed under the account, you can proceed with deleting the expense account.

  • We use Zelle and Venmo to accept payments from customers. Please walk me through on how I can integrate Zelle and Venmo into a quickbooks invoice.

    From the answer: Hello there, APD.... I want to make sure you’re getting the right support.... You may search for third-party applications that integrate well and provide seamless payments processing at the following link, since Zelle and Venmo aren’t currently supported by

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