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  • Bin & Bay Locations For Inventory Items

    From the answer: Hey there, Jared.... Thanks for dropping by the QuickBooks Community.... I'd be glad to help set up the inventory, so you can efficiently track the items.

  • payroll taxes not deducted suddenly

    From the answer: Have you tried updating both your QB and Payroll?

  • Running Reports

    From the answer: Start with your P&L and double click the COGS account to get a detail report.

  • Bonus on payroll check

    From the answer: Hi there, @calicoellie .... I appreciate you giving us an update about your concern.... Allow me to share some clarifications about this.

  • Purchase Order

    From the answer: Yes, use the Templates list to edit or create a new PO template with the fields you want.

  • Journal Entry for a Year to Date Mortgage for a rental property

    From the answer: This is Not a problem: "The problem is I do not get the mortgage statement for each of the properties each month so I was going to do one JE for each of the properties at the end of the year so I have that information in QB."

  • Change amount of decimal places

    From the answer: you can not change the number of decimals in the qty block of a BOM and keep in mind that if you do use decimals they must add up to one, QB does not do partial qty very well, 0.25, 0.125 works fine.

  • How to record transaction when a customers bank duplicated an incoming wire transfer then took the money back.

    From the answer: Don't use AR for this and it can work: Create one General Journal for the wire amount and use the bank account on it 2x, for both the debit and credit.

  • employee purchase from business

    From the answer: Hi there,  KeithM .... It's a pleasure to have you here in the Community.... I'm here to help you set up the payroll deduction for this employee.

  • How to show annual donation as monthly income?

    From the answer: "Yet we would like to find a way to show that income distributed over the months in 2019 on the P&L reports, so our monthly income appears more stable when compared to the previous year."

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