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  • customer / job name

    From the answer: For this: "It appears that there is always a default job associated with a customer."... I know this is how Amicus works.

  • Keep getting the Error "QuickBooks can not open this company file because it was created with an incompatible version."

    From the answer: We can manually update your QuickBooks to get this fixed, dankidwell.... You'll need to uninstall and reinstall it.

  • Item list question

    From the answer: If you single-click the item, name, etc, and then run a Quick report, as Ctl Q or from the right mouse menu or the button at the bottom of the list, etc, it shows activity for that item, name, account, class.

  • can you renew subscription via ACH INSTEAD OF CREDIT CARD?

    From the answer: I'm glad you reached out to me today,  Ladybugs79 .... I want to make sure that there won't be any interruptions to your subscription, so I'd be happy to share the payment methods that we accept for renewals.

  • Item class vs. receipt class

    From the answer: now that we are creating reports, it only includes the class when it was on receipt (at top of screen)   Item line class will only show on a detail report, if you are running a summary report - item detail does not show

  • Allocating salaries

    From the answer: No there isn't a way to do exactly this, to lock in the hours so they always default to the same values.

  • How do I run a report to see what customer is under the Time/Costs?

    From the answer: Company>transaction center, at the left under customers select income tracker, now select the unbilled time and cost tab.

  • Payroll - ytd adjustment

    From the answer: Hi there, @gcancillerie .... I’m glad you reached out to us today.... I have the steps you need to record your payroll data for last year's Quarter 1 and 2. Since you’re using an outside service for your previous payroll, let’s enter the data by using the ba

  • How do I correctly resubmit 2015 w-2's and w3 to SSA?

    From the answer: By mail .... Only current (2018) W2 can be submitted electronically through QuickBooks

  • Printing & Emailing Invoices

    From the answer: @RoseMarjorieA   Please learn from the input here.... There is One More Setting: Edit menu > Preferences, Send Forms, My Preferences tab.

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