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  • Recent Update Reset preferences AND Causes Bill to close automatically after payment has been applied (desktop version).

    From the answer: Hello there,  gsdheaven .... Thanks for letting us know about this.... Let's get this sorted out.... QuickBooks' recent update doesn't include resetting current preferences.

  • WA Family Leave Report

    From the answer: Welcome to the Community,  JM_hollings .... I'd be glad to help share some information concerning employee hours on your WA Paid Family Leave report via QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Sales order invoiced with incorrect date

    From the answer: Thanks for getting back to us, .... It's possible that the default date for new transactions was set to use the last entered.

  • Reconciled Balance vs Balance Sheet Balance

    From the answer: Hello anwava,   Aside from outstanding transactions, here are other reasons why your QuickBooks and bank balances don't match: Duplicate transactions Edited or deleted transactions Transactions for a connected account Credit card (liability) account

  • Create and manage statements

    From the answer: Thanks but the problem isn't printing the problem is when I click on statements I get a message "Can't print statement you don't have any customers".

  • Adjust a payroll item liability account

    From the answer: @KhimG @ShiellaGraceA   Please Learn from the input here.... You cannot use Adjust, or Prior Payments and Not affect the accounts.

  • Printing a list of report titles

    From the answer: On your Memorized Reports list, click the Memorized Reports button at the bottom and then Print List.

  • How do i post a credit from a vendor for a specific customer of mine?

    From the answer: You never use a JE when Names are involved.... A Vendor Credit is an Enter Bill, changing it to Credit/Return.

  • POS Consignment

    From the answer: items on consignment with you are not yours, so they are not inventory use a non inventory item you set up, list that item over an over on a PO, on each line enter the specifics in the description block   when you sell an item, then create a bill for

  • Flipping Real Estate – Handling expenses and equity accounts

    From the answer: I don't use Class at all.... That is a redundant additional cross-reference to Jobs.... You want to read my handout.

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