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  • Matching Sales Receipts and Payments to Bank Deposits

    From the answer: Hello there, .... Thanks for joining this thread.... I'm here to help direct you in correcting your integration setup.

  • QB for Non-Profit

    From the answer: Hi, hope you're starting the new year with lots of happiness!... The first thing is to change the labels if you haven't done so, the customers label to Donors and the sales to donations.

  • QuickBooks and Bookkeeping for Restaurants

    From the answer: Hi  @Laura_Siegel  - welcome to QB Community!... We have lots of members in the food & bev industry who may be able to help you out.

  • How to carry over a previous P&L balance

    From the answer: Are you starting a new data file?... Typically when you and one company file in an old program and moved to a new one, it?s

  • Invoicing based on percentage of completion with 10% retention deducted on the invoice which is payable after the warranty period?

    From the answer: Retention/Holdback accounting - There is more than one way to accomplish this.... Create a Retention receivable account (current asset), and a Retention item which links to that gl account.

  • Tracking orders from creation to fulfillment/payment

    From the answer: I have no idea if Mac has this or not, or if it does where it is, but in windows QB in the customer center, if you right click on the column titles for the tabular display of transactions you can customize columns to some extent, we have a shipped da

  • Discount Percentages are not calculating in QBO

    From the answer: @ITAVA  wrote:   I called Intuit/QB support.... Twice, just to verify.... They acknowledged there is an error  It is not an error.

  • Service Industry Royalty Accounting Setup

    From the answer: Not sure I understand what you are missing.... You've already created recuring invoices and presumably the items on each invoice links to income account which you've configured to reflect your different types of income?

  • How to change logo of currency

    From the answer: Hi Pooldeife,    Let's work together to make sure the currency is being displayed properly.... In QuickBooks Online, the amount of a transaction or balance is shown by the symbol of that currency.

  • How to record daily sales from Cash Register

    From the answer: Sales tax you collect is a liability.... That's a -74 (credit) to "sales tax payable" or similar to make the transaction balance.

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