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  • Chart of Accounts for Profit Center Analysis

    From the answer: A big vote of thanks, juVieIL.... You've confirmed:   1.)... It's doable, and  2.)... I can figure out how, using QB resources.

  • Hierarchical View for Chart of Accounts

    From the answer: Thanks for reaching out to QuickBooks Community, .... The Flat and Hierarchical View options are available from the Account drop-down at the bottom of the Chart of Accounts.

  • Erroneously Deleted Deposit Detail

    From the answer: Yes. there's a way for you to re-create the deposit details so you can delete and re-create your sales receipt, LZAlice .

  • I want to open small caffee but i don't know anything about expense categories

    From the answer: Sorry to be blunt, but first you need some background in accounting, there are several online free courses to go through, it is not that hard.

  • How do I change my EFTPS password in quickbooks so my payments keep getting sent in ??

    From the answer: Hello smurphy67,   You can change your password in the Payroll Center.... I'll walk you through how.... Click Employees , then Payroll Center .

  • made payment by using credit card but got a check refund that deposited into another bank account

    From the answer: Thank you for your response, this is very helpful!... Can I just go straight to do DR: deposit CR: auto insurance in operating bank account?

  • remote access

    From the answer: You certainly did well on detailing everything about your concern, Bogdiver.... One of the main reason why you’re getting this error is because VPN is not supported by Intuit.

  • Credit Card

    From the answer: Hello, Malakan bookkeeping.... There are several ways to record credit card adjustments in QuickBooks Online.

  • Choice of period for reports

    From the answer: Hello ,   Welcome to the QuickBooks Community.... I'd be glad to offer some information on setting up the calendar year reports.

  • Void or delete multiple transactions

    From the answer: Good day, bobby1927.... There's no option to delete multiple transactions in QuickBooks Pro.... You'll need to open each transaction and delete or void them.

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