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  • Track inventory location and serial numbers.

    From the answer: Hi Sharaz!... First off, are you looking at QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop?   QuickBooks Online - Does not have a notion of inventory locations.

  • Customized Estimate Template

    From the answer: Welcome, ksimpson.... Glad to see you here in the QuickBooks Community.... Let me help you get across this challenge so you can use your own estimate template to QuickBooks Online.

  • about adding multiple company in a single account

    From the answer: If you mean can you have more than one subscription to QBO with one login, yes     Go to

  • How to match a deposit to an invoice when the transaction fee has changed the amount received?

    From the answer: Hi Mattmcla,    I'd love to lend a hand with getting these payments matched.... First, I'd like to reiterate what you said, just to ensure my interpretation of the issue is correct.

  • COGS Expense

    From the answer: I would leave fuel costs on page 1 of Schedule C as operating expenses since you are not reselling the fuel to the customers.

  • Applying a deposit to an invoice in QBO

    From the answer: well what about delayed credits? it seems like that comes up as an auto-prompt when creating invoices... could it work instead of the old-fashioned liability acct option?

  • Paystubs

    My business address is not showing up on the pay stubs when we print them from the Desktop version or when...

  • Tax preperation for small business owners.

    From the answer: 1. Keep this easy tip in mind:   Business expenses are always deductible.... Personal expenses are never deductible (as business expenses).

  • Missing credit card transaction

    From the answer: I have seen something like this happen in a few instances.... Let's say you download early in the day, and later transactions show up.

  • Customer Invoices

    From the answer: Hi there, !... It depends on how you create your invoice.... Allow me to share a few insights help you from there.

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