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  • Credit card reader

    From the answer: When you order the credit card reader, the delivery process would only take 5-7 business days, Tenn.... Aside from that, we cannot ship the item to P.O.

  • Posting 941 refund

    From the answer: IRS Form 941 is used to submit payroll taxes paid by employee and employer, so first need to know who overpaid to determine who gets refund, employee or employer.

  • QuickBooks Self Employed $1 per month/3 months offer

    From the answer: To obtain this offer, click on the link within the email from your mobile device.... You will be directed to the App Store or Google Play to download the QuickBooks Self-Employed app.

  • Documenting tax withholdings

    From the answer: Here's how to record it in QBSE, stockly.... Go to the Gear icon at the top.... Click Tax profile .... Enter the amount in the Your annual W2 income field.

  • Owner's Draw on Self Employed QB

    From the answer: Hi there, KLPABE.... QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE) does not have a Chart of Accounts where you can set up equity accounts unlike QBO.

  • How do I cancel an account that I set up?

    From the answer: You can cancel the account from your Billing info page,  nowillustration .... If you're in a  free trial , there's no need to cancel.

  • How do I connect my new Apple Card for transactions since they don't have a website?

    From the answer: Thanks for posting here in the Community, freedomrocks1969.... Setting up bank connection in the program needs your bank’s website login credentials.

  • How do I record and reimburse a business expense paid for by a personal credit card? Business is a multimember llc ( Husband and Wife)

    From the answer: Write the person a check and use an appropriate expense account for the thing purchased.

  • Long term care insurance premiums are partially deductible. How do I categorize these transactions?

    From the answer: Since QBSE is very limited you can not create an expense account for that as you should be able to.... you will have to use other expenses and split that out when you file taxes on schedule C. If you are paying the LTC premium from the company, write the

  • Customising invoices

    From the answer: Hey PamQuick,   It is not possible to amend the invoice template, the only options for customisation is to add a logo to the invoice by going to 'Edit work info' on the toolbar when creating the invoice.

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