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  • Annual Subscription Charges

    From the answer: Welcome to the Community, .... I'm here to get you pointed in the right directions to get assistance with the charge that you received.

  • Activate direct deposit

    From the answer: It's possible you've missed a field, Paul Menne.... Let's remove all the information on the form.... This includes the information from the Edit links.

  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2019

    From the answer: Hello honeydippers!... You can set up a multi-user environment to allow two users to work on your company files.

  • I can not import the accountants copy that was sent back to me from the accountant

    From the answer: Hey there, Jebaad1959.... Unexpected results when importing accountant's changes are caused by the restriction being removed or by damaged data.

  • Write Checks Window

    From the answer: Hello, Lorna3.... Let's get the transaction fit the screen.... We have 4 solutions to fix the display issue: Change QuickBooks DPI settings Change the Desktop View Preference Change Windows DPI settings Edit the screen resolution settings on your computer Yo

  • upgraded from mac2014 to Mac 2019 and cannot transfer data. 2019 will not let me select company to restore.

    From the answer: Hello there,  jm37 .... Thanks for bringing this to our attention.... Allow me to help you transfer data into your QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2019.

  • How do I move invoices to a new company file

    From the answer: You don't have to do any of that.... Back up your old QuickBooks data file to a USB port.... Install QB 19 on the new computer.

  • how to categorize job recruiting expense (indeed, glass door}

    From the answer: Set up an expense account and call it RECRUITING.

  • “create company” button isn’t available when I try to setup my company in Quickbooks desktop!

    From the answer: Let's create your company file, SX.... Aside from the required information (fields with * ), an incorrect phone number format will also trigger the Create Company button to turn gray.

  • Customer "ship to" addresses into new quickbooks company file

    From the answer: Hi Robert,   At the moment, we can only export and import the Ship To 1 address of a customer in QuickBooks.

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