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  • advanced reporting unpaid bills

    From the answer: Hi there, .... Welcome to the community.... I can share some information about customizing reports in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Rebuild unable to fix link error

    From the answer: Hello there, .... Thank you for providing details.... I can help you fix the link error.... If the Verify tool detects an error, you'll have to locate it within your QBWin.log to fix it.

  • Seperate departments within one company

    From the answer: Hi there, jward59.... You can use the Class Tracking feature to track transactions by departments.... You can even run a Profit and Loss by Class once the feature is turned on.

  • In what expense account category do I enter for renting a trailer for moving purchased equipment?

    From the answer: If it is a capital asset (machinery subject to depreciation) I would think that the cost of getting it there is added to the asset value to be depreciated over the life of the machine.

  • Sales Tax

    From the answer: Hello FSFence,   I can help you set up the county tax and use it when invoicing customers.... Here's how to do it: Click on the Lists  menu.

  • Currency Symbol

    From the answer: Hi Sara7,   I'm here to help you print the $ sign correctly.... Let's check the customer's profile if the currency selected is US Dollar .

  • Cost differences for different quantity of parts

    From the answer: Hello joneill1186,   Thanks for posting here in the Community.... Tracking items with speed as the unit of measure isn't an available feature for now.

  • Merchant Account

    From the answer: Good day, .... I'd be glad to help direct you to the right support to assist you in deleting duplicate entries in your merchant account.

  • I want to know what a vendor threshold is

    From the answer: Hello,   If you paid a contractor 600 or more during the year, you need to provide them a 1099.... If you didn't pay them at least 600 for 2018, then you don't.

  • Recover lost data with QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery

    From the answer: We still have hope, John McDonald.... QuickBooks has a feature that can recover your missing data using your TLG file.

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