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  • How do I record a partial credit card refund of an unapplied customer payment?

    From the answer: Hi there, !... You can add a line item with a negative amount as the refund when making a depositing your customer's payment.

  • retrieving data from checks already in QB

    From the answer: Hello ,   Currently, we have an on-going issue where users like you experience freezing screen when accessing your employee list and payroll.

  • Server located company file backup

    From the answer: Hello there,  misokol .... I'd be happy to share some information about creating a company backup from server.

  • Payroll back up

    From the answer: Is your old version of QBs still on your machine and do you have a copy or backup of the old file?... You can open both versions of QBs and view them side by side to see what old data is missing.

  • deposits already recorded

    From the answer: Hi there, ArmyVet95BV5 .... It's possible the deposits were unlinked to the payments when upgrading to QuickBooks 2019.

  • I'm very upset about not being able to install QB pro 2019. I keep getting a screen that wants my password.

    From the answer: Could you share the screenshot?

  • Autopay customers and using Memorizined Transactions

    From the answer: We cannot memorize a customer payment like we did on the invoice, JeepHer.... Instead, we can create and memorize a credit memo.

  • How do I get a customer's transaction report to include payments that are part of split deposits?

    From the answer: Glad you solved your issue.... You can always edit a post and some will remove most content but your problem and how you solved it should serve as a help to others.

  • Email invoices batch format

    From the answer: I'd be happy to assist you today,  Lori21 .... I'm here to lend a hand and share with you some information regarding sending invoices in batch via email in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • lost my payroll for one of my company

    From the answer: I'll take it as you're referring to your payroll subscription, justne.... It could be your QuickBooks file is not in an automatic renew subscription.

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