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  • Is it possible to edit the invoice description within a statement?

    From the answer: I appreciate the screenshot that you've provided, .... When creating a statement, the ability to add custom fields nor include a message to your customers is currently not available.

  • Create backup of program since Migrator Tool not available

    From the answer: Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us here on the Community page, @ MJordan99.... Let me provide some insights about backing up your data in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).

  • emailing pay stubs

    From the answer: Hi phillips garden,   There has been an update that all payslips are automatically send to the employee's workforce profile.

  • Invoice Template Fields

    How do I print the Job Description (from Job Info tab) on the invoice? I have Job/Project checked, but...

  • Apply a deposit to an invoice without reducing sales - Pro2014

    When I apply a deposit to an invoice, it reduces the amount of the actual sale on the sales report.  how...

  • The Import or Upload Button is not present as the instruction show under banking to import transactions from a csv file.

    From the answer: If you can't get a QBO file you can convert your CSV file into on using our BRC Excel to OFX/QFX/QBO Converter

  • Downloading credit card transactions

    From the answer: Let me share how the bank feeds are displayed in QuickBooks, BonAum.... If these transactions are already classified and added, they'll be moved into your register.

  • One user is blocked by single user mode.

    From the answer: Hello there, @ b3bt459 ,   The firewall or third party internet security may be blocking your client workstation from the server.

  • Quickbooks for BUSINESS ENVIORNMENT - Migration from enterprise.

    From the answer: hi PEISTmedia , QuickBooks for Mac is similar to Quickbooks Pro.... It only allows up to 3 concurrent users working in the same file.

  • Reporting Apps

    From the answer: hi Isaiah58Financial , You may export the report to XLS and modify it.... Another option, explore any add-on to meet your needs:!category/[removed]   Hope it helps.

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