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  • How do I assign a class to a previously cleared check for bank charge expense?

    From the answer: Let's assign a class to your cleared checks,  tompreston .... Once you've activated the preferences to track payroll using classes by  Earnings Item  payroll , then you can easily go back to your cleared check to add a class.

  • Merging 2 Vendors

    From the answer: You can certainly merge them, src33629.... Here are the steps on how to merge two vendors: Click on the  Vendors  menu.

  • Refundable deposit for Tool

    From the answer: You can record a vendor refund, The_tile_setters.... This will help you handle the refundable item properly.

  • Cannot Print Previous Reconciliation

    From the answer: Hi there, IanSatterwaite.... I appreciate that you've done the first solution to help you fix this issue.

  • Payment Terms Issue on invoices - Desktop Pro 2019

    From the answer: This means the term record being used is not set up correctly, despite its name.... To resolve this open the Terms list, edit the terms record, and set it up correctly.

  • Does anyone use the Password Vault included in the File Manager program?

    From the answer: Hello there,  rzeigen , Let's try to clear the password stored on your Password Vault and reset up the password.

  • Recent Update Reset preferences AND Causes Bill to close automatically after payment has been applied (desktop version).

    From the answer: Hello there,  gsdheaven .... Thanks for letting us know about this.... Let's get this sorted out.... QuickBooks' recent update doesn't include resetting current preferences.


    From the answer: I'd be happy to assist you today,  schlieskiml .... Let's get your EFTPS password changed.... I can provide you with the easy steps on how you can update your IRS-EFTPS password.

  • License ownership change

    From the answer: hi   , License ownership and company file (including its admin password) are two different things.... Do you have any access  to CAMPS for both licenses?

  • I accidently copy & pasted an incorrect series of numbers in to my batch transactions and I need to undo this to return to my original batch entries

    From the answer: Let's restore a backup copy to undo this action,  cdorsey .... To correct or undo this action, I suggest restoring a backup copy of your company file before entering or copy-pasting these batch transactions.

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