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  • Moving Quickbooks 2019 to New Computer

    From the answer: Never mind.... I just saw the answers to this question on another thread.

  • Back up & License info

    From the answer: Good day, ,   I can provide some clarification about restoring a company file backup to a new location.

  • Vendor ID numbers

    From the answer: We've already reported this error, valbain17.... Rest assured that our engineers are working to fix this.

  • Opening Quickbooks completely.

    From the answer: hi   , Can you open any sample file or create a new company file?

  • Quickbooks desktop Pro Payroll

    From the answer: Desktop payroll services are offered in both annual and monthly subscriptions, bbranson.... You can log in to your Account Maintenance page in QuickBooks and make the changes.

  • Intuit Id

    From the answer: Sorry to hear about your bookkeeper's passing, KEG1.... You can open your My Company settings and log out your bookkeeper from there.

  • we issued a cashier's check as a deposit for lawsuit. How do I record?

    From the answer: create an asset account called something like pre-payment lawsuit then enter the payment and use that account as the expense (reason) for the payment

  • “Quickbooks Desktop has expired,To continue using Quickbooks Desktop, you must buy Quickbooks Desktop now,

    From the answer: hi   , Which version and edition do you have?... You may open youf file and press f2 or CTRL + I.... A popup will appear and you will notice those informations (eg.

  • Workers Comp setup

    From the answer: Hello there, amanda4711.... With regard to the overtime, you can set up the code normally.... Then, manually track the workers comp for those hours.

  • Quickbooks Desktop Mac 2016 suddenly saves as dmg instead of qb extension

    From the answer: Welcome to the Community, cowboysst.... The default extension for QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) for Mac back up is DMG.

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